I’m pleased to announce the launch of yet another LJ community – really, LJ needs more communities, you know? Anyway, after a lot of snooping and deliberating a few of us decided to start a new forum. We like a lot of the ones we currently frequent, and we have no plans to abandon the wonderful places that we already belong to. But it seemed that each place we like nonetheless lacks something we wanted, so we got together and have launched . This comm, briefly:

  • is dedicated to the critical examination of a political, social, cultural, economic, and religious issues affecting people in America and around the world.
  • seeks to rise above mere partisanship, although we routinely arrive at conclusions that condemn or favor one political party or another.
  • categorically rejects the idea that the actual divide in the American public is left vs. right, red vs. blue, conservative vs. liberal, etc.
  • is ultimately devoted to a lot broader range of issues than it probably sounds like in the first three bullets – we’re about politics, but are also about a lot more than politics; have a look at our list of interests for a better idea of how broadly we’re casting the net….

There’s a lot more in the way of community platform on the info page.

It’s only been up a couple days so we haven’t gotten it fully stocked with content yet, but we’re getting there. We invite you to visit , and if it seems like something that would interest you, to sign up. Also, feel free to pass this onto any people or communities you know of that you think might find some value in it.


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