Ummm, no I’m not

YOU, my friend, are 100% Canadian! You are what
Canadians are all about! (and that’s about, not
a boot.) You, my friend, are AWESOME!

How Canadian Are You?
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3 thoughts on “Ummm, no I’m not

  1. Bienvenue, Sam!
    Um, it’s spelled “Edmonton.” The US has offered us many great things, but I’ll still take Tim Horton’s over Krispy Kreme, Second Cup rather than Starbucks, Harvey’s over Wendy’s with vinegar on my fries (poutine for extra fun), pop not soda, a handful of serviettes, toss it all in my packsack, and head on over to Yonge Street. Come on over and join us some time!!

  2. Re: Bienvenue, Sam!
    A: The spelling is theirs, not mine.
    B: The missus and I were just discussing a possible trip up to lovely TO sometime in May. Damn, got to make that happen….

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