Papal brackets

The selection committee is packed with idiots. How the hell can they bump Ratzinger all the way down to a SIX SEED?! He’s #1 in the RPI (Ratings Papacy Index) and had a top five strength of schedule.

Duke is overrated, as usual.

[Whoever did this a) has too much time on his hands, and b) is feckin’ brilliant.]


3 thoughts on “Papal brackets

  1. The low-carb communion wafers exist – rice wafers for those allergic to gluten. And, apparently, in some archdioces they’d ratehr see their parishoners go into anaphylactic shock than take a rice-based wafer.
    (I have copies of an interesting AP article regarding this, as well as one Albany Medical Center doctor’s response, but that’s another story).
    I love the Pope Pool. I do not love, however, Cardy Rat-face. If he’s elected, I’ll seriously consider conversion to the Anglican church.

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