Robot camel jockeys?

Dear lord.

Qatar to Use Robots As Camel Riders

Spurring the robots’ development has been vehement condemnation from human rights groups of the sport’s regular jockeys. Activists say there are about 40,000 boy jockeys, some as young as 4, who are either bought from their parents or kidnapped from their home countries and taken to the Gulf to ride. The boys live in bleak conditions and are underfed before races to keep their weight down.

In Qatar, ruling sheiks have responded to calls for banning the use of boy jockeys by embracing robots as the best solution.

I guess you can use this as an example of how technology can be employed to combat social injustice, huh?

[THX: Rocket Science Desk Chief Mike Pecaut.]


4 thoughts on “Robot camel jockeys?

  1. Forgive me for this, but….
    Kinda brings a new connotation to the phrase camel jockey, huh?
    Sorry, It was there and I couldn’t resist. This means that the Arab-American League and the Organization of Arab States will start in on the loss of jobs in Qatar then, right

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