Since when did Reuters become a division of the GOP?

First, the story: NBC clashes with Tom DeLay on Law & Order

Set aside the fact that DeLay is picking a fight with fictional TV characters (somebody in his camp needs to refer him to the Dan Qualyle/Murphy Brown debacle from back in 1992, I think it was). That’s not the interesting issue here.

No, the problem comes late in the article.

Some leading Republicans used harsh terms to condemn judges earlier this year after courts failed to intervene to save the life of Terri Schiavo, the brain-damaged Florida woman who died after her feeding tube was removed at her husband’s request but against her parents’ wishes.

That, kids, is a textbook example of what we call “slanted” writing. I don’t know Steve Gorman, but this reads like Karl Rove sock puppetry of the highest order.

It’s one thing when political operatives crank up the framing machines, but it’s another entirely when reporters can’t recognize propaganda when they see it.

Somebody at Reuters needs a spanking, be it Gorman, his editors, or all of the above. One FOX “News” is aplenty….

[THX: beckysioux for the link.]


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