Better dead than queer?

sunfell comments on Christian gaywashing camps, noting that the “anything but queer” message is actually a pretty sinister one.

Jeez, I thought high school was hard, but I guess it was a picnic compared to what a gay kid with militant faux-Christian parents has to face, huh?


6 thoughts on “Better dead than queer?

  1. Wow- that post had legs! That’s what I get for posting something so provocative and then wandering off to do some shopping… It’s gotten a lot of play on my other community , too.
    I checked out and was really impressed- don’t know if I’d make the cut as a writer, but I certainly will read it. I really liked the layout- particularly the blogroll on the right margin. Is that a custom design, or an LJ Template? The reason I am asking is that my little community is about to bust 300 subscribers, and I would like to gussy it up a bit more- and put something like that on my community. It needs a blogroll pretty badly. I’m getting ready to make it a paid account, so I’ll get more goodies to play with. (If you like that LJ, feel free to include it on 5 Estate’s blogroll.)
    Sorry to blather- thanks for your time!

  2. The template is an LJ design, but one of the moreflexible ones you get with paid accounts. The blogroll is great, except that it has a limited number of entries – in fact, I think 30 is about the max.
    Welcome aboard, by the way. I’ve been kinda wondering when you’d wander in….

  3. It seems that my reading list lengthens by the day. Thank you for letting me on board 5th Estate. I tried to locate the template used for that blog, but could not find it. Does it have a name? Is it an S1 or S2 template?
    Nosy me… 30 entries would work just fine for my community.

  4. It’s pretty simple tinkering these things, I’ve learned.
    And I just realized I lied before. The one I use for my LJ site is Opal. The one I use for 5e is Component. Both cool, lots of customization options, although Opal has more than Component….

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