Daily Brushback: Democracy in the Middle East

Today we have a question for Mr. Bush.

LP: Mr. President, it’s clear that you consider it a major goal of your presidency to usher in a new age of democracy in the Middle East. If you are successful in fostering the rise of democracy in the region, but the citizens of these new republics elect Islamic fundamentalist leaders who are hostile to American interests, will you regard your presidency as a success or a failure? Or would you automatically brand a process that produces anti-American leadership de facto evidence of electoral fraud?


4 thoughts on “Daily Brushback: Democracy in the Middle East

  1. Bush already answered that question last year. He told Alan Colmesthat the USA could live with any elected government as long as it remains a democracy. They already expected that whatever new Iraqi government was elected, it would have some antipathy towards the USA.

  2. I missed that. Do you know where it was reported?
    In any case, glad to see a reporter asking the Q and to hear W answering it, although I can’t imagine he’d really be okay with more extreme cases. An Iraqi admin that was somewhat irritated with the US would be one thing, but one of these days we might just see Saudi Arabia electing President bin Laden to head up the new Islamic republic there.
    And you shouldn’t read my Q as suggesting that I necessarily toe a “liberal” line here, either. I’m sympathetic to the need to foster pro-American policies in other parts of the world, and see the process in the Middle East as being a rather delicate balancing act…..

  3. It was last year on the Hannity and Colmes talk show when they interviewed GWB. Colmes asked some pretty tough questions. I happen to like Colmes no matter what his leanings are. I like a lot of liberal pundits with the exeption of Kinsley.
    I know that you like to beat up on both sides, and that’s cool with me. I enjoy reading your journal.
    Anyone who can’t take a few punches, or low blows, has no business being in public life.

  4. If you want, go post this to the entry over at 5th_estate. As for whacking all sides, I’m working up a couple shots for Hillary and Dean in the coming days….

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