Daily Brushback: Dinner at Liddy’s place

Today’s question is for convicted felon G. Gordon Liddy.

LP: Mr. Liddy, if you could host a dinner party and invite your top ten political idols from throughout history, which one would you seat beside Hitler?


2 thoughts on “Daily Brushback: Dinner at Liddy’s place

  1. I saw G. Gordon Liddy and Timothy Leary when they did their lecture series about 10 years ago. Very interesting, as they were very good friends despite their differences.

  2. That’s just surreal. I mean, I have close friends who don’t agree with me on damned near ANYTHING, but that pairing just seems a little more than my simple country brain can assimilate. For the record, I couldn’t abide Leary, either, although on the whole I probably detest Liddy about as bad as any human being this side of bin Laden.

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