Daily Brushback: Hil for Prez?

Today’s question is for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York.

LP: Sen. Clinton, recent polls indicate good news and bad news for your potential presidential candidacy. On the one hand, significant numbers of likely voters say they’d support your bid for the White House, but an even larger number of people say they’d sell their children into white slavery before they’d vote for you.* Further, your positions on some issues – Iraq, for instance – are about as popular with many Democrats as your husband’s health care and gays in the military ideas were with Republicans. Given the massive divisiveness caused by the Bush presidency, do you really believe four more years of love/hate leadership would be in the nation’s best interests? More to the point, would you be willing to assert your own political ambitions over the legitimate good of the nation?

* A rough paraphrase – the actual wording of the question was more along the lines of “very unlikely to vote for.”


4 thoughts on “Daily Brushback: Hil for Prez?

  1. I’d say what we need are more politicians who put their own views in front… then maybe we’d be able to vote for who they really are, instead of who they pretend to be.

  2. Uhh… maybe this is just me, auriam, but that will never, ever happen. Never. Ever. Yes, why don’t politicians act like the people they really are and not the people their sponsors want them to be!? Where is the justice system? We can’t let this sort of thing continue to happen.
    Oh. Turns out we’ve been letting this thing happen for about 40 presidents in a row.
    H-Clint, as I like to call her, running for president would be the worst thing ever. Not because I’m a sexist or something like that, but because everyone else is. People would vote for her based on the following criteria:
    1. Her being a woman – YES!
    2. Her being a woman – Dammit!
    That being said, at this point I’m sure anyone could do a decent job following G-Dub, and as much as I can’t understand why registered republicans aren’t shipped to some gulag, I would most definitely vote for McCain if it came down to it. I’m not saying Clinton wouldn’t be a good president (there’s really no way to know, although I liked Bill’s work), but I am saying that she’s going to have the same fate as JFK if she gets elected. Mark my words. I’m rarely wrong.

  3. Hillary, political animal
    “More to the point, would you be willing to assert your own political ambitions over the legitimate good of the nation?”
    Now that I have climbed back onto the chair I fell off of from laughing so hard at reading this question, let me answer it with one word:
    For proof, look at the careful design of her political career. And look at her husband’s career. And look at what he was willing to risk for his personal peccadilloes, much less for his political ambitions.
    Then tell me she can back – away unless polls and trial balloons show her that she has no chance….

  4. I’d respectfully disagree with auriam — esp. in today’s climate, I’d suspect a politician who puts his/her views out front runs the very real risk of being punished for them at the ballot box. Is it any wonder few of them are willing to let us know what they really think when they’re fairly sure they’ll get beat if they do? (And in presidential politics, even if they’d be rewarded in the general election, could they get past the primaries?)
    I’m reluctantly forced to agree with my fellow anonymous poster. I’d love to live long enough to see a woman elected president, but I wonder if I’ll manage it. And before someone assumes who I’m “blaming” for that, I’ll add that my experience suggests we women are harder on our fellow women than the guys ever thought about being.
    Would Hillary put her political ambitions over the legitimate good of the nation? Yep. In part because she has convinced herself that her political ambitions ARE good for the nation. She has lots of company on that one, I fear.
    But any Democrat who thinks Hillary should be the candidate for ’08 is ignoring the obvious — if Hillary runs, the Democrats lose. Period. Better hope the Republicans don’t run Frist…

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