Daily Brushback: Wanted – time machine

Today’s question is for the third and fourth presidents of the United States, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, and the “Father of the Bill of Rights,” George Mason.

LP: Gentlemen, the US Supreme Court has in recent days ruled that a government can take private property for the purpose of handing it over to another private, commercial venture, and that (despite a pretty rich record surrounding legislative intent) if you can make the argument with a straight face, you can use tax dollars to install the Ten Commandments on government grounds as a “historical document.” Had you known in 1789 what we know in 2005 about how the Constitution was going to be “interpreted,” is there anything you’d have done differently?


5 thoughts on “Daily Brushback: Wanted – time machine

  1. I think there are a *lot* of things they would have done differently.
    And I think, save the five justices who voted for this, there are very few Americans that agree with this decision.

  2. But Americans at that time were mainly Christian. I think that, at least partially, our society has become as equal as it is because of some of the things that they would probably change.

  3. Our society was more equal in 1605 than in 2005. It seems all of the gaps between the socioeconomic groups are widening, and at an accellerating pace.

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