The First Annual Karl Rove Euphemasia Challenge

sirpaulsbuddy and I decided tonight to sponsor a new competition. The task is simple enough – we’re looking for new neo-con euphemisms. Entrants are asked to take a word or term that is thoroughly negative in connotation (examples would include things like “poverty,” “rape,” “quadriplegic,” “murder,” “ignorant,” etc.) and develop a new term that neutralizes the negative connotation or, even better, spins the term into something that’s actually good. For instance, turning “global warming” into “climate change” would be a case of neutralization. Somehow managing to turn “marauding band of mass murdering thugs” into “Freedom Fighters,” as Reagan’s folks did back in the ’80s, that’s a class A case of accentuating the positive.

Post your entries to the comment thread, and we’ll eventually name a winner. We don’t have any money to offer as a reward, but the best entrants will certainly be bestowed with a great deal of cultural capital, which they are then free to spend as they see fit.

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11 thoughts on “The First Annual Karl Rove Euphemasia Challenge

  1. Global Warming = Climate Change = Expanded Growing Season = Ice Age Compensation (or Prevention, ha ha)… or how about “The Trend Toward Milder Winters”…

  2. Here’s one they’ve already managed to pull off… “Fuck The Poor!
    ” –> “Ownership Society” (ie, THEY own US and OUR LABOR).
    Those motherfuckers. The revolution can’t come soon enough.

  3. Poverty? No, that’s too negative. How about “uncluttered lifestyles”? Or reverse it; the gap between rich and poor is “Incentives For Upward Mobility”.

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