Gonzales is too liberal

This is interesting. Apparently conservatives are warning Dubya off nominating Alberto Gonzales to replace O’Connor, whose views on abortion are “suspect.”

If the base thinks Gonzo isn’t conservative enough, the next few weeks ought to really be fun. I almost feel sorry for Bush – can you imagine trying to find a candidate who’s acceptable to that crowd who won’t touch off the mother of all filibusters in the Senate?



7 thoughts on “Gonzales is too liberal

  1. I sometimes like to make an argument to my liberal friends on how Nixon was a liberal. It drives them nuts.
    I can make a very choerent, logical case of Nixon being a liberal…..he certainly wasn’t a conservative even though he came from Orange County.

  2. Well, you can point to a certain moment in our not so recent history and note that all the “liberal” SC Justices were Nixon appointees. That’s always a fun one. And he was certainly an appeaser on foreign policy by today’s standards.

  3. There is so much more, he was pure Rooseveltian in so many ways. His price and wage controls, his opening with China, his farm bill, expansion of Medicaid, getting out of Vietnam, and on and on and on……
    I could write a whole page on this one.

  4. I’ve played the devil’s advocate with that argument numerous times. Especially when I compare him with JFK. I’m such a shit sometimes, but I really do love all of my extremely liberal friends. My lovely wife and I are an islet of conservatism in a sea of liberalism as far as our friends are.

  5. At the risk of sounding ever too cynical … there IS no candidate who would satisfy Bush’s far right base AND not touch off the mother of all filibusters. But perhaps there is a silver lining: the next many weeks will be so ugly that some of us may decide to find alternatives to our Congress critters next time around. We can hope.

  6. No, no we’re screwed.
    We’ll end up with a Pat Robertson aparatchik who (mis)interprets the Constitution towards Dominionist ends.
    I hope all of you who voted Bush enjoy your Theocracy.

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