This morning I submitted my resignation at St. Bonaventure University. Angela and I are in the process of trying to sell the house and I have been actively pursuing employment in the Carolinas for a few weeks now. So far we have no offers on the house, and while I have been greatly encouraged by my conversations with business leaders and possible employers in NC, we don’t have jobs to go to, either. Obviously this is a tad on the scary side, and perhaps this by itself illustrates how badly the SBU situation has deteriorated.

Sometime in the next couple months Angela, Ronan, and I will be loading up and moving to Winston-Salem, which is where I seem to have the most connections and hence the best job possibilities. We look forward to being near my friends and family in the area and to having the kind of support system that has been so sorely lacking of late. Who knows, if we can’t find jobs and end up homeless, maybe we’ll even wind up living in somebody’s basement.

In the coming days and weeks I’ll hopefully find time to work up sort of a running account of how we got where we are and what led up to this decision. In the meantime, wish us well, and if you know of anybody who’s hiring…..


20 thoughts on “Gone

  1. It might be scary, but you are embarking on a great adventure. I respect you for that. You’ll love the south, and Winston-Salem is a great place. Southerners are the friendliest folk in the world.
    You’ll end up fine, with the advantages of living in a more laid back place. I love the Carolinas…………everything except their BBQ. We go to Hatteras every year for the surfing, they have some of the best waves on the east coast.
    Lots of fun and good times. Remember Steinbeck’s old saying in Travels With Charlie, “You don’t take a trip, the trip takes you.”

  2. A: I’m actually from W-S, so I have a pretty solid feel for what I’m walking into.
    B: As for the BBQ crack, if you’re referring to Eastern style, I hear you. If you’re referring to the Lexington style, I’m going to have to ask you to step outside for a little “cooking lesson.” If you’re experiencing it down toward the coast, you haven’t truly had real NC BBQ, and we invite you swing through W-S next year where we can feed you some proper Q.

  3. Obviously, this isn’t the Carolinas, but last I knew Oswego was looking for a tenure track journalism prof. In fact, my former advisor emailed us not long ago asking if we knew anyone who would be interested. I had no idea you were so unhappy at SBU or I would have passed the info along.
    Still, I could make a phone call, if it is something that might interest you.

  4. Thanks, but we’re heading south. Right now we’re just in a spot where the extended family and friends network is important to us, and I’m sick of never seeing my niece and nephews.
    Also, I’m told that Oswego has worse winters than the North Pole. πŸ™‚

  5. Good luck to you in this – I hope you find happiness and a much better situation.
    (why do I have the suspicion John will consider you a role model for our eventual move northward?)

  6. I’m referring to the Eastern Style.
    I didn’t know you were from W-S, cool.
    We have this little black BBQ joint that we go to that has the best BBQ in Florida. It’s a shack, is in the worst part of town, you risk your life going there, and has the BEST BBQ IN THE STATE. It’s worth it.

  7. Seriously, plan to swing west next time. Once you get up past Greensboro the BBQ goes from inedible to best you ever had in your life.
    There’s a place here in Olean that does BBQ, and the woman is from Florida. Not bad stuff…..

  8. I hear ya there, about being closer to family. Definitely hear that.
    In defense of Oswego, the winters aren’t so bad, if you don;t mind a LOT of snow – it’s actually a lot warmer (in comparison to other cities in NY) because of it. Plus, the Indian summers beforehand almost make up for it. πŸ™‚
    Good luck with everything. I’m sure things will work out – there are a ton of universities down there, among other opportunities.

  9. Yes. That’s the idea.
    But, then again, I’m not a Summer, I’m a Winter. πŸ™‚
    And, no, I won’t be using this as a role-model for our eventual move northward (which will be in that direction mainly because we don’t wanna put the cats thru 6 mos. quarrantine).
    BTW – I was having some momentary doubts today while marching off to get lunch, doubts vis-a-vis did I make a mistake by leaving academia, not trying to pursue a teaching position someplace. Reading this, you’ve erased those doubts.
    Sounds like in-loco-parentis has grown much, much worse. Daycare for 19 year-olds?

  10. You’d have blown a gasket by now. I have a pretty high tolerance for these kinds of things compared to you. The average undergrad circa 2k5 is about as opposite of you as it is possible to get, I think.

  11. Hi, I’ve seen your posts in sports_debate, and I was wondering if you might be interested in contributing to the e-zine I run, TOTK.com Sports. I’ve made a post or two about it in the community.
    If not, I understand. I mean, I actually feel kind of silly asking a journalism professor with a Masters Degree to write for my little e-zine. Just thought I’d throw it out there.

  12. Actually, I wouldn’t mind it. The problem is that for at least the next three months I’ll be lucky if I have time to blog (been MAKING some time this week, but I’ll pay for it later in the week). Check back in October and this may have changed.
    Honored to be asked, by the way…..

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