Daily Brushback: Lighting the lamp

Today’s question is for the executive director of the NHL PLayer’s Association, Bob Goodenow:

LP: Mr. Goodenow, the agreement you finally reached with the NHL after your hard-line stance wiped out an entire season not only contains the hard salary cap you swore you’d never accept, it’s a cap that ESPN reports is “significantly lower than the one offered on the eve of the season’s cancellation in mid-February.” In addition, the new deal extracts a stunning “24 percent rollback on existing contracts,” “restrictive entry-level salaries,” and a “revamped arbitration process” that looks to favor the owners.

Given the massive financial hit sustained by the players you represent, the incalculable damage to the image of the game, and the very real losses suffered by the people who rely on professional sports for their incomes (sports bar owners, bartenders, and waiters, for example, as well as the game-day employees working at venues around the league), can you take a few moments to explain why you think your dumb ass should ever again be entrusted with anything more important than lint?


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