Daily Brushback: Invent…what?

Today’s question is for HP CEO Mark Hurd:

LP: Mr. Hurd, you just announced that HP will be firing 14,500 employees, which will bring the body count since May of 2002 to something approaching 30,000 workers. Since it’s now clear that Carly Fiorina’s bold butchering of 15K jobs three years ago somehow didn’t launch HP to a position of market dominance as planned, your position seems to be that…she didn’t fire enough people? This leads us to a three-parter: First, can you give us some idea what kinds of world-class innovations you’ll be better able to accomplish with 14,500 fewer minds? Second, can you describe how eliminating a tenth of the work force will strengthen your company’s commitment to customer service? And third, will you explain how you anticipate this move driving ever higher levels of employee morale, loyalty, and brand ambassadorship?

[THX: drdenny for suggesting today’s item.]


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