The slackest rock critic in history strikes – nearly 8 months past deadline

You know how I always do my “Best of” list for the year’s CDs? And how sometimes the write-ups come in a little late? Well, thanks to a variety of factors, not the least of which is my own slackitude, I set a new record this year, finally posting my 2004 year-end review this evening. Yeah, I suck.

But the music didn’t, and don’t penalize these hard-working artists for my failings. Especially those artists who managed to make powerful political and cultural statements with their music – fuck Clear Channel and their attempts to silence artists with brains, consciences, and courage.




  1. I must agree with a lot of your choices. Especially American Idiot as #1. I do remember you predicting it to be the album of the year during your time with our “cohort,” so you were consistent… that’s all that matters, not when you write it down 😉

  2. Heh – well, I keep an open mind on those things, on the assumption that I’m smarter today than I was yesterday. But that was a slam dunk.
    Choices 2-6 shuffled until the last minute, though. At one point or another I had Killers, Interpol, and Marah all at #2…..

  3. Woo Hoo
    I must be getting cooler; I actually have four of the top ten. That’s pretty good for me. Normally, if Bon Jovi doesn’t top the list I wouldn’t have any!

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