If the six

Meet LJ’s newest member: felixwas.

It took awhile, but I finally roped another guy into the blogosphere. He’s smart as hell and a great writer and an even better person to just know. So stop by, see what he has to say, introduce yourself, make him feel welcome.


4 thoughts on “If the six

  1. brother
    Hello brother how are you?Well today is the day of the big rally,Im staying the hell away from down there.We are going to send you a local news papper for you to look at.The Mayor tried to pass the buck and say that the river bluff commision and the university of tenn. was in control.I dont understand.But any way Our E mail is tc1garner@bellsouth.net hope to hear from you soon.look forward to seeing you soon.We need your address to send you the local commercial appeal.take care.And by the way send teresa and i some recent pictures of you two.see ya brother take care. john john

  2. Thanks. He’s a really cool guy all around. I think the two of you will have a lot to talk about.
    BTW, I’ll be moved to NC before too long. The BBQ invite is operative, as they say….

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