One last blast

Goodnight, Doctor…


3 thoughts on “One last blast

  1. Suicide King
    This song was written after The Jewish Defense League chairman, Irv Rubin, died in prison while being held on conspiracy to commit terrorism charges.
    Rubin died when his throat was cut and his body thrown over a second story railing onto the prison floor below. The Feds claimed that it was a suicide.
    A more reasonable explanation was that he was murdered by a member of the Aryan Brotherhood since it’s pretty hard to cut your own throat and then jump over a railing. Additionally, Irv was a friend of mine and the idea that he woudl commit suicide can only be taken seriously if you didn’t know that man. Irv was a lot of things, but suicidal wasn’t one of them. To much Ego. Sucide King is a “you reap what you sow” tune.

  2. Re: Suicide King
    Yeah, but that’s what was playing when I hit the Detect Music button. I thought about it and let it go.
    BTW, if this is Jon, I’m really liking the disc.

  3. Re: Suicide King
    It was Jon, and I’m glad you like it, Sam.
    Good luck on your move.
    I think about NC alot.
    There are much worse places to move, after all.

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