Cities for Sammy

Clearly I must have misanswered some of the questions. Because this ain’t even close….

American Cities That Best Fit You:

60% New York City
55% Chicago
55% Philadelphia
55% Washington, DC
50% Austin

4 thoughts on “Cities for Sammy

  1. Momma always said…
    CO and NC didn’t even make your list, huh?
    My top five were Austin, Atlanta, Denver, Vegas and Miami.
    Momma always said my name sounded like I should be a Vegas showgirl…

  2. Can’t imagine anywhere but Toronto … for now
    My results:
    65% New York City
    60% Philadelphia
    60% San Francisco
    60% Washington, DC
    55% Chicago
    NYC would be cool for a while, but the last 2 seem most appealing for the longer term.

  3. Sam, I think this test is totally screwed up. I got these:
    60% Atlanta
    60% Honolulu
    55% Austin
    55% Philadelphia
    50% Chicago
    …which, if you know me, is So. Not. Correct.
    I like cold. I hate heat. I’m a Winter, not a Summer.

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