New Supergrass?

There’s a pretty active discussion on Audities (e-mail list) right now as to whether the new Supergrass record is great or less than great. I haven’t heard it, and therefore have no opinion as of yet. I did offer these comments, though.

I’m glad to hear that it’s not just me. I’ve been a big Supergrass fan for awhile now, and I used to listen to the UK-side arguments over who was the best Brit-Pop band with a bit of bafflement. Half the people with opinions seemed to think Oasis was the greatest thing since sliced fabs and the other half thought it was Blur. Then Radiohead became the greatest band in feckin’ rock history, according to the Emperor’s new clothes crowd.

I was sitting here the whole thinking that all of those bands were down the list below Supergrass, Verve, Elastica (if you’d call them Brit-Pop) and maybe even Kent (who were/are the greatest of the Swedish Britpoppers, I guess…)

Haven’t heard the new one yet, but it sounds like I need to…


5 thoughts on “New Supergrass?

  1. JD Fortune-Pretty Vegas
    . I just downloaded that song last night….I can’t believe they wanted him to do it twice for an encore. I’m surprised that Jordis isn’t in the running anymore, although I think Dave really liked her. Now I’m trying to figure out who’s going to win. As much as I like JD and as much as I like Mig’s abs and Suzie’s rocker style, I think that Marty just might win.

  2. Always thought Radiohead was overrated too. I listened hard, but never could hear what was special about them.
    I still love (and miss) Dodgy. Thier music was mostly lighweight pop but for some reason thier CD’s have stayed fresh with me after a decade. Same with Silver Sun, and they even made a fine comeback CD last year.
    Going to see Jet/Oasis in Dallas on the 22nd.. I hope it will be a good show.

  3. Re: JD Fortune-Pretty Vegas
    I think Jordis ran out of gas. Plus, as young as she is, I’m not sure she’s as in touch with who she is and who she wants to be as she thinks she is yet. In addition, she had some musical limitations. Within her range she was amazing, but her range was a bit limited. That’s why “Dream On” kicked her ass so bad.
    I think Suzie is gone tonight, and after that INXS needs to decide who they want to be. If they want to rest on their past, they take Mig. If they want to really remake themselves, they take Marty. If they want to update, but preserve their heritage, they take JD.

  4. Oasis bores me to tears….
    I thought the same thing. Was really glad they cancelled their first Australian tour, which meant I could get my money back. Then I saw them at a festival a few years later. Along with great Aussie band Powderfinger they ended up being quite a highlight.
    Yeah, they were at their whiney Manchester-boy best, but it was a damn good show.
    Vale Livid Festival.

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