Former US West execs wreaking havoc Down Under?

Well, it sounds like Sol Trujillo and Phil Burgess (my old boss) have pissed off some folks in Australia.

That said, I know the pathetic history of telco reporting by the Denver Post, and I can’t help wondering how it might all have come down differently re: Qwest and Nacchio had the jackasses in the local media been smart enough to get the goddamned story right back in the late 90s. Lazy bastards never missed a chance to tell the easy story, which unfortunately was usually so lacking in nuance and detail as to be functionally useless. Or worse. In fact, if you read enough of their “reporting” you were just about guaranteed to have the story wrong.

All of which I guess leads me to believe that Lewis’ story might be right, but if so, it’s probably an accident….

On another note, maybe if I had played my cards right I could be Down Under helping Phil screw a nation’s economy, huh? 🙂

[THX: Frankie Vee at the Western Slope Bureau.]



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