Miller free, to testify; Truth braces for a beating

Okay, so what’s Rove got up his sleeve now? Joe at TMV reviews the terrain….

The cynical side of me is sure that something big is about to happen – I had all but given up hope that we’d ever hear another note on the Treasongate story. But Rove must realize that whatever else is true, there’s a prosecutor looking to make his rep on some White House scalp, so the next best thing is to try and control events as best he can. Maybe the idea will be to see how far the case can be buried in a swamp of biggish stories. The timing isn’t perfect, what with Katrina on the wane and Rita having been managed fairly well. But in addition to those stories, which remain sort of on the American radar, we have:

Hmmm. Could be a divide and overwhelm and conquer strategy? Could mean we’re about to see the SC nominee that Pat Robertson and James Dobson wanted the last time. Hell, I don’t know.

But pay attention. Rove has apparently said he wants Plame to testify. That means that one way or another the truth is about to get its ass whipped.

Eye on the ball, folks…



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