Hmmm. Doesn’t say anything about using my magic to embellish my bank account….

The Magician
You are the Magician card. Magick is the use of the will to effect change in reality. The will is the ability to direct knowledge and experience towards an end goal. The Magician is capable of manipulating his environment because he knows it so well. He affects the thoughts and emotions of those around him. Therefore, the Magician is often thought of as an artist, writing or speaking in a way that strongly influences others. The Magician understands how to bring concepts into form and how to express metaphysical concepts in a physical way. He is seen with the symbols of each suit: a disk, a cup, a sword and a wand. These symbols are each a physical expression of a concept. They are The Magician’s tools. Following after The Fool, The Magician acts as a messenger. His planet is Mercury, who is Messenger of the Gods. He brings The Fool into the new world that The Fool seeks. The Magician represents the act of creation. Because he can use his knowledge to form something new, he seems to be able to make a thing appear out of a void. Image from: L. S. Irish.
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6 thoughts on “Hmmm. Doesn’t say anything about using my magic to embellish my bank account….

  1. You are the Lovers card. The Lovers card is aboutunion. Each of us carries in our DNA theability to be the opposite of what we think weare. Often our romantic attachments grow out ofawe and respect as we see in another thecharacteristics we repress in ourselves.Society often presses us into molds of what itthinks masculinity and femininity should be. Asa result, many of us associate with our gendercertain positive characteristics and callothers negative, when if these same qualitieswere held by a person of the opposite sex, ourattitude towards them would be reversed.Getting in touch with our inner animus andanima, (Jung’s terms for our inner male andfemale), allows us to see the whole of ourpersonalities in a positive and constructivelight. When you draw The Lovers card in areading, you are working with balancing theseforces. Depending on where the card is, youhave either achieved balance or need to. TheLovers could indicate a romantic or even aplatonic relationship. Ask yourself is this isa positive relationship that contributes toyour growth as a complete human being, or if itfills an emotional craving within you that isactually detrimental to your personal growth.Image from: The Iranian artist Riza.
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