Interior desecration

Design in the Age of Leisure Suits.



3 thoughts on “Interior desecration

  1. Funny
    I remember going through the modern phase when I was a bachelor in the early 80’s. Thank god that period is finished. I never, ever had a leisure suit. I think the leisure suit was what made Richard Prior go up in flames when he was freebasing.
    I don’t know if I ever told you this, but I am a serious collector of art. Since paintings by the masters are out of my league, I purchase their drawings which are substantially cheaper than their oils. I deal with a couple of galleries around the world, and was able to snag this signed Rembrandt original etching to add to my collection. Don’t ask what it cost.

    I’m really stoked about this addition to my collection. My next thing I’m going after is an original DaVinci drawing. Believe me, they are moderately affordable. Sorry if I seem to be bragging, but I get like this everytime I score a new piece to add to my growing collection. It should arrive in a week, and once it’s matted and framed, it will be hung proudly. Someday, I will post a sample of my collection on LJ behind a filter of only 5-6 of my discerning friends.

  2. Re: Funny
    I will post what I have for a select few of y’all. I don’t want word to get around LJ, but I will put some up on a post for a select few in a few minutes.
    I like to put my money into other things that will be better than the market.

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