A proud ex-professor moment

If you scroll down, you’ll see that earlier today I had a brief entry about the death of Wellington Mara. If you check the comments, you’ll see that one of my former students, Tom Shortell, was stunned that I’d marked Mara’s death before that of Rosa Parks. Of course, read on and you’ll see that I had an excuse, sort of, and that I did in fact post on Parks’ death once I had time to catch my breath and reflect a bit. (In case you’re wondering, I’ve been stupid busy lately trying to find a job and round up some projects, and that has taken me away from my usual chronic case of Blog Fever.)

But that’s not the point. A sharp former student caught me in something that was inconsistent with what he expected of me, and he called me out. I’m really proud of him for noticing and saying something. I’ve never believed that teaching was a responsibility that ended with the semester or that was limited to a certain prescribed set of course objectives.

Teaching, like learning, is eternal. As I said to my wife recently, when I stop learning, I’ll be dead. When I stop teaching, I might as well be….

For what it’s worth, Tom was one of three former students who made me very proud today. I’ll be filing 10.25.05 under “B” for Big Success…


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