More fun with Boomers: Brooks on 60

I love Albert Brooks. Hollywood doesn’t have a lot of people with his combination of brains and humor. So you really ought to read his take on the Boomers hitting 60.

Some stray thoughts:

  • The way people are carrying on, it might be more accurate to say that Boomers are hitting 60…like a blue jay hitting an extremely clean glass door.
  • To be technically accurate, the front edge of the Boom hit 60 a couple years ago. But whatever.
  • I note that Brooks refers to Madison Avenue as “they.” Hypothetically, I wonder what generation the principals of those MadAve shops are members of?
  • Gods, the morning started off with a massive dose of hand-wringing Boomer panic narcissism courtesy of CBS Sunday Morning, and now this.
  • To all my Boomer friends: I love you even more than I do Albert Brooks. Now, breathe deeply and get some self-awareness. Entire feckin’ industries have ramped up to cater to your needs as you age. You have more political clout and economic clout than any generation in any nation in history. It’s unlikely that we’re going to forget about you.
  • If MadAve ignores you, rejoice. They can’t take their eyes off the Millennials, and look how that’s turning out….


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