T-giving at the Bush place

Oh gods – this is freakin’ brutal. And, no doubt, literally true, word for word.

Morford has been reading Campaign Trail again, sounds like….

[THX: myths_americana.]


4 thoughts on “T-giving at the Bush place

  1. Heh. Well, the politics are exactly what I expect. What’s a little different is how he actually captures the essense of what Thompson did in his best writing. Most of HST’s imitators try to mimic the manic, over-the-top raving that he’s popularly known for. Few seem to grasp that it only works if you’ve captured the small details that reveal the soul of a situation or person (whether real or imagined). So whether you like or don’t like the abuse he’s heaping on people, it’s actually a very nice bit of writing. Homage, if you will.
    But the Rove/Babs thing nearly made me spew my soda on the keyboard….

  2. I thought he did a good job of mimicing Thompson. I also think that Thompson did the best job of doing Thompson, and all others pale before him. This was nearly there.
    BTW, my lovely wife and I once went to a lecture from HST where he showed up so drunk, he couldn’t do it and had to quit after 5 minutes.
    “We were somewhere around Barstow on the edge of the desert when the drugs began
    to take hold. I remember saying something like “I feel a bit lightheaded;” H. S. Thompson

  3. Apparently showing up drunk was the routine, from what I hear. And he’d have a bottle of bourbon on stage the whole time. Sounds like a fun show, although if he’s too drunk to do it, that’s not so good. I’ll always regret that I never got to see him or meet him, especially given that I spent a decade in Colorado and knew people who knew him a little….

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