Hard rain’s gonna fall….

Went to see the Deacs and DePaul last night. If you saw the final score (84-81) do not be deceived – this game was nowhere near that close.

  • Wake couldn’t have guarded a decent high school team.
  • Gray has gone from being a really good shooting guard to being a utility player who alternates between being a bad point guard and a mediocre shooting guard.
  • Skip has no clue how to get the ball to EW once the other team decides to sag on him (remember Duncan’s senior year?)
  • And a young, middling Depaul wound up looking like the Spurs. They simply couldn’t miss. Now granted, that “couldn’t miss” thing had plenty to do with Wake’s lack of defense.

DePaul went on the road to an ACC school with a 21-game home winning streak. They have already lost this year to such perennial powerhouses as Duke, UConn, and Kentucky Bradley, Northern Illinois, and Bucknell. The question isn’t how did DePaul snap the streak, the question is how Wake won 23 in a row in the first place.

A few weeks back I said Wake would be lucky to go .500 in the conference. Let me amend that – they’ll be lucky to win five games in the conference. If they play the way they did last night, there simply aren’t many teams in the ACC they can expect to beat, and the gods have mercy on them if they bring last night’s game when they play Duke. If they can’t guard Sammy Mejia and Draelon Burns, look for Redick and Williams to become the first teammates in NCAA history to each score 60 in a game.

It’s starting to become clear just how good CP3 really was, if you didn’t already know….


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