There’s an editor at the Roanoke paper who is my new journalism hero.


14 thoughts on “Uhhh…..

  1. Actually, that’s not so far fetched….Psychological studies show that loud noise can be unhealthy and can cause cardiovascular problems, fatigue, etc…I just read about this last night in my son’s new psychology course textbook….Children can have many health and psychological problems if they live in a noisy environment as opposed to children who live in a quieter environment….It doesn’t speak about unborn babies, but this woman’s stress could cause issues for her unborn child….I know it sounds stupid, her claim, but actually it isn’t….

  2. Stress makes you smoke
    She’s smoking because of the stress of the noise…don’t you all get that? The NOISE makes her SMOKE….
    I’m always trying to champion the underdog….
    Unless like this underdog, she’s also a dumbass….

  3. I don’t doubt she is an attention whore, but why would anyone to say “I’m too weak to quit smoking for my baby, but I’m concerned about the effect of noise might have.”?
    Answer: she is a retarded attention whore.

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