A great news day so far

First, beastofbourbon passes on the news that a grand jury done gone upside Joe Nacchio’s head, indicting his corrupt ass for 42 counts of insider trading.

A federal grand jury indictment, released today by prosecutors, accuses Nacchio of making 42 illegal trades of Qwest stock between Jan. 2, 2001, and May 29, 2001. The charges each carry a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $1 million. Prosecutors seek to make Nacchio, 56, forfeit the $100.8 million in stock proceeds, the indictment says.

Let’s schedule the hanging already!

Then I see where creationism (masquerading these days as “Intelligent Design”) just got the smackdown from a judge in Pennsylvania:

A federal judge ruled today that a Pennsylvania school board’s policy of teaching intelligent design in high school biology class is unconstitutional because intelligent design is clearly a religious idea that advances “a particular version of Christianity”…. The judge found that intelligent design is not science, and that the only way its proponents can claim it is, is by changing the very definition of science to include supernatural explanations.” (Story.)

Well, duh.

Sweet Jebus, there is a Santa Claus, and Solstice came a day early this year! I guess the sad part is that we’ve become the kind of society where the promise of justice and a common sense court ruling come as a surprise….


One thought on “A great news day so far

  1. Not to mention, Shrub-for-brains got called out on the Patriot Act by the Senate and phone-tapping by the Times – last week, actually, but it’s still nice coupled with this stuff.

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