A Lynott memory, sort of

A guy on a list I sub to notes that it’s been nearly 20 years since the death of Phil Lynott (Jan. 4, 1986), best known as the front man for Thin Lizzy.

Odd – I hadn’t realized this, but I was thinking about Lynott last night – we were watching A Knight’s Tale, and the scene where they arrive in London for the World Championships is played over “The Boys are Back in Town.”

My favorite Thin Lizzy memory, though, dates back to 1985 when I was working at Z-93 in Winston-Salem, NC (during the brief 6-month period where it was the greatest rock station in the world). Our afternoon guy, Rob Leonard, gets a call on the request line. Gruff, rough-sounding redneck guy on the other end. He says something to the effect of “hey, this is John, and we’re listening out here at the county farm. I’m scheduled to be released in a couple days. I was hoping you’d play me some Thin Lizzy. I believe you know which song.”

Rob, without hesitation, cued up “Jailbreak.”


7 thoughts on “A Lynott memory, sort of

  1. I should hope not. Back in ’77 when they were at their peak, I spent a lot of time in Hawaii. I’ll always associate that band with good waves, good times, and my misspent youth.

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