Life imitates Gibson

William Gibson is famous enough by now that you’ve probably heard that he coined the term “cyberspace,” and you may even have thought about the evolution of software and GUIs enough to realize what an influence the man’s writing has had on the very design of our computing and Net landscape. These would be remarkable accomplishments regardless of the critical value of his fiction – which, by the way, is inestimable.

All of which is to set up this neat little item, which finds his fiction shaping the fashion world a little bit. How very cool, and how instructive when he talks about how the jacket came to feel like a character. If you’ve read Pattern Recognition, that comment probably makes perfect sense to you.

Gibson is arguably the most important writer of the last 25 years, and he gets even more interesting as he evolves away from the landmark cyberpunk moment that established his reputation. Fashion-forward, indeed….


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