Tie pin boy, and other fashion observations

I get the sense from some that tie clips are considered out o’ style, sorta like Tom Selleck mustaches. I very rarely wear a clip, but I do wear a pin.

But here’s the thing. I just about have to wear a pin because I’m 6’2″ and these days ties are being sized for dwarves. At my height, the back/narrow end of the average tie won’t reach to the little loop you pull it through to keep it in place. So if I don’t wear a pin, the other end kinda sticks out from under the tie and that looks really stupid.

And another thing. I know they cut clothes to average. So I can only conclude that I’m built like the main event at Hell’s Own Freak Show. When I buy a dress shirt, if I can find one that fits the neck – 18ish, depending – and sleeve – 33 usually – I discover that there’s enough room in the gut for me, you, and several buddies.

This must mean that the average 18/33 guy weighs 450 lbs. Now, I’d like to lose some weight. Truly, I wouldn’t mind taking a good 25-30 lbs. of daily stress off of my knees. But I ain’t fat – I have what I guess you’d call an athletic build, and I currently weigh in the 210-215 range. Which isn’t small, but compared to the industry standard, I’m feckin’ Twiggy.

Finally, a note to the fine folks who make jeans. Some of us men have nice asses. Please design accordingly.

And next time you see a 6’2″ guy wearing an oxford button-down dress tent over plank-ass wedgie jeans with stray tie-parts sticking out in all directions, please remember that it’s impolite to point.

Thank you, and have a nice Saturday.


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