And the bear thought being killed and turned into a rug was the worst thing that could happen…

I’m grateful for the press sometimes. For example, without them, I wouldn’t even know that there was this new sculpture of Britney Spears giving birth. I wouldn’t know it was controversial. And I wouldn’t know that the reason it was controversial was because it’s a pro-life commentary of some sort.

Thank the gods for that last part, too, because if I were to see the damned thing, I’d never figure out on my own that it was a pro-life statement. No, being a little familiar with Brit’s “creative” output and having accidentally caught a few seconds of her “reality” show a few months back, I’d be more likely to see vapid trailer trash doggie style on the most expensive bear-skin rug Wal*Mart sells, a-fixin’ to spit another drooling celebrity hillbilly brat into the world, and I’d think it was a call for more abortion.

Shows you what I know, huh? And I guess it’s still more proof, if you need any, that you don’t have to be any brighter to be a sculptor than you do to be a softcore faux-virgin Christian pop star.

God Bless America.


9 thoughts on “And the bear thought being killed and turned into a rug was the worst thing that could happen…

  1. ohgoodfreakin’lord….
    Well, it’s consistent with the thinking of so many “pro-life” advocates who are in favor of the death penalty; (pro life, but only for the ones we like!) “woman gives birth (hooray for pro-life!) on a dead bear.
    The sad, bad truth of the matter is, people will flock to see it. People who would never have considered a trip to NYC before, will now go.
    I SO didn’t need to know this…

  2. Re: ohgoodfreakin’lord….
    That’s why, while I am pro-choice, I respect my religion’s (Catholic) stance on life:
    anti-abortion, anti-death penalty, anti-poverty, anti-domestic violence, anti-child abuse, pro-education, pro-welfare, pro-human rights.
    If you’re going to be pro-life, do it right.
    People who would never have considered a trip to NYC before, will now go.
    You mean, those people who think NYC is the Devil’s Cesspool? Oh, this is going to be interesting indeed …

  3. There are a million reasons why this sculpture is funny. But one of my favorites is that it isn’t in the least bit representative of how Brit-Brit gave birth — she requested a C-section.

  4. What the hell kind of birthing position is that anyway??!! This “sculptor” clearly knows nothing about childbirth — including caesarian sections!!

  5. When women used to “squat” in the fields to birth their babies, I’m thinking this WOULDN’T have been the position of choice; it certainly defies more than the law of gravity….

  6. The position she’s in isn’t one I associate with the delivering of babies. The creating of them, maybe…
    It may be the best argument that the artist is having a bit of sport at the expense of the pro-life movement. At the risk of seeming crass, perhaps the message is that even as the baby’s head is crowning, Brit is still ready to rock….
    Now I’m REALLY going to hell….

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