Fat cat beatdown on Net Neutrality

There have been some pretty stupid Internet hoaxes about taxing e-mail in recent years, but this latest bit is real. I encourage everybody to read Boztopia’s take here and then do whatever you feel is appropriate.

Thanks. We now return you to your free Internets.


5 thoughts on “Fat cat beatdown on Net Neutrality

  1. That’s an interesting read. I discussed e-mails with my son the other day, and he is of the position that e-mail to his generation (17 years old), is basically obselete. The kids either IM or use blogs to communicate, and rarely use e-mail except for school. This aversion to e-mail might continue into their career phase.

  2. It might be an East Coast thing, but e-mail seems to be dwindling among the tech savvy Asian kids also………….they’re the ones who are ahead of the curve by 2 years or so. I still can’t figure how to text on my new phone….God, I miss my simple old Nokia.

  3. I wish I could do something. I wish I had a responsive congresscritter.
    But Sue Kelly is the biggest Republican Party Schill in a 100 mile radius of Manhattan. The woman hasn’t had an independent thought in decades.
    As for my two state senators … they generally don’t vote to do things this stupid. But, I’ll check.

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