Lakers beat Suns

Ruh-roh. Steve Nash had the ball with a few seconds left. He’s surrounded by Lakers, and I counted three separate fouls (from three different players) with the ref standing two feet away. And two Suns yelling for timeout, I think. The only whistle was for a jump ball.

Granted, Nash made a mistake dribbling headlong into that corner of the floor and then picking up his dribble. A serious JayVee mistake. But that doesn’t let the ref off the hook.

Lakers win tip. Kobe hits at buzzer. Lakers win. League very happy.

I’m not trying to stir things up, but it’s been kind of a fun year for conspiracy theorists who think the zebras are part of the Big Fix. I didn’t see anything here to quiet those people down.

(For those wondering how this meshes with my previous post, I caught the tail-end of the game only. Flipping through the channels, saw Kobe, and stopped to watch on the off-chance somebody might pop his ass into the eighth row. Sadly, that didn’t happen.)


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