American mobility: all the places I’ve lived

We’ve become a very mobile culture. Education, jobs, adventure, marriage – there are a lot of things that call us away from home in ways that were unprecedented even a generation ago.

I’m like a lot of people in that I’ve moved around a lot, especially in the past few years. For instance, I’ve moved 11 times since fall of 1993. Last night, for some reason, I got to thinking about how many different places I’ve lived total in my life, so I counted them all up. Wow. And this doesn’t even account for the times I moved back into the family home through the years – I’ve had multiple tours at 3870 Eastview Dr.

So here’s the list:

So, how about you?

And is this typical? What does all this mobility mean, I wonder….



4 thoughts on “American mobility: all the places I’ve lived

  1. Ooh, it’s like a fun meme!
    1. Dubois St., Baraboo, WI
    2. 620 Pine Acres Dr., Baraboo, WI
    3. Lourdes Hall, Winona, MN
    4. 521 8th Ave. S.E., Mpls, MN
    5. 1622 Como Ave. S.E., Mpls, MN
    6. Carl St, Saint Paul, MN
    Not too shabby, considering I haven’t gotten into the radio biz yet. Then I’ll really be moving around!

  2. Been a few places myself
    Let’s see here:
    1. Two bedroom house fivc miles south of South Hill, Virginia
    2. Two bedroom house, Boydton, Virginia
    3. Three bedroom house, Boydton
    4. A different three bedroom house, Boydton
    5. Dorm, UVA
    6. Fraternity house, UVA
    7. Apartment near Anniston, Alabama
    8. Port Orchard, Washington
    9. Apartment on 6th and Barrow, Anchorage, Alaska
    10. Condo in Fairbanks, Alaska
    11. Port Orchard, WA
    12. Apartment on Queen Anne and Ward, Seattle
    13. House in West Seattle
    14. House in Houston
    15. House in Boulder, Colorado
    16. House in Park Ridge, IL (Chicagoland)
    17. Back to same house in Boulder, CO

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