Pro video gamer league

I guess I’m just behind the curve. fikshun e-mails me with this:

This is pretty sad. I’ve been seeing ‘professional’ gamers getting money for a few years now, but this is the first serious contract I’ve seen. The xbox 360 allows for an unprecedented level of spectator gaming (you can just sit and watch others from all over the world play any given game – provided you own the game, of course). The NHL was worried about NASCAR bumping them out of the 4th ‘major’ spectator sport slot. Maybe they should be more worried about video games. (Story.)

Sweet Mother of Jebus – I was bumfoozled the other night to see feckin’ dominoes on ESPN (I thought poker was bad enough), but now this?

If they ever start a pro league for sitting on the couch watching wrestling and reality shows, my ass is the top pick in the draft….


One thought on “Pro video gamer league

  1. I can watch $boy play games if I can interject suggestions or strategy to him. We’ll watch each other play various games for hours on end.
    However, when he breaks out Ace Combat #whatever, I go into insta-ballistic mode. There are just some things that you can’t just sit and watch.
    Sitting and watching others, who aren’t in the same room, so there isn’t at least a whiff of interaction seems… like you said.

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