Sometimes the gods speak to us

So I’m sitting here, finally putting together some content for my company’s Pagan/Wiccan/Alternative spirituality mobile program. I want to do a few items so we can develop a sales sample sheet. I do an item on symbology, then one with a historical twist, and then one on a neat pagan symbols font set you can download. And I’m thinking, okay, I need to do a news item as well.

I flip over to Google to search for recent news items dealing with alternative religion issues (there’s usually something disturbing going on in South Carolina, if nothing else), but before I can enter any search terms I see that I have an e-mail from my buddy Mike. I hit the e-mail and he’s sent me a link to a story:

Va. Gov. Gives Informal Pardon to Witch

Seriously – it was like sitcom timing.

The gods sent me my story, I suppose. Now if they’ll only send me some customers with money to spend, eh?



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