No cheap Southern stereotyping, please

Plane stuck in mud in Jackson, Miss.

JACKSON, Miss., Aug. 11 (UPI) — A Delta Airlines airplane, stopping to refuel on a flight from San Francisco to Atlanta, got stuck in the mud on the taxi-way of the Jackson, Miss., airport. (Story.)


2 thoughts on “No cheap Southern stereotyping, please

  1. *blink* Now, that’s just right up there with the Cops Catch Donut Thieves story recently. I’m not even just stereotyping. This almost strikes me as mythical in stature, heh, the story under the stereotype, and not just for the South. Hell, that could be the third world *anywhere* 😉 And the stealth presentation of the article, like a wiki stub. Is this so someone can say it was “covered” but still hope it flies under the radar instead of turning into a national embarrassment? Seems like it would be a helluva story explaining how a piece of American infrastructure could look like a scene from a movie shot in a banana republic.

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