Breaking news in Ramsey case


A suspect in the JonBenet Ramsey murder has been arrested in Thailand, Denver TV station KUSA reports. CNN working to confirm.

This ought to be interesting.


11 thoughts on “Breaking news in Ramsey case

  1. hmmmmm. for some reason, this comment made me think of frankenstein’s monster. 🙂 musta been the thread necromancy thing. in fact, that sounds like a great title for a book. haha.
    i guess it’s interesting to me because i used to live in boulder. i just wanna know what happened. i agree with you, though. i could do with out the 9000 hours of news rerun/rehash that’s probably going to follow this story. geraldo is probably going to do a 8 hour special, i’m sure.

  2. What matters is they catch the perp. We were all tired of hearing about the case, but perhaps this will bring some closure.
    I guess the guy in Thailand was tired of being a pedophile in a Thai prison, and is bargaining his way out. I wonder if he did the crime, and did they take the death penalty off the table……..

  3. I can’t wait!
    I can’t wait to see the Fox News graphics they come up with tonight or the “special guest”! I’m sitting at my desk and I need a lobster bib just thinking about that… It makes sense, now that no one is trying to blow us things, a seize fire has been instated and no one has been kidnapped, why not? Who needs reality TV when this stuff is better than any island situation!?

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