Life is burritoful

A few weeks back we were running some errands out near the mall, when all of a sudden Angela began screaming. Very out of character. But she’s pointing and screaming and seems as happy as I’ve ever seen her.

The cause of the ruckus? A sign indicating that soon, on that very spot, a Chipotle was set to open. Once I saw what she was excited about, I was screaming, too.

Those who don’t know how damned good the burritos are in Colorado probably won’t get this. People in parts of the country that have Chipotles probably don’t get it, either, because you’re ungrateful bastards who take your blessings for granted. But if you know Chipotle and haven’t been able to get yer barbacoa on for two or three years, you know precisely where we’re coming from.

Yesterday it finally opened. And dudes, we were there. I had a barbacoa, black beans, verde salsa. Angela did the carnitas bowl with a couple kinds of salsa. Gods, for a few minutes all was right in the universe.

If you have a Chipotle, cherish it. If you’re in the W-S area, it’s on Hanes Mall Blvd. across from Silas Creek Crossing.



25 thoughts on “Life is burritoful

  1. I think what may have happened was that Chipotle was looking at a big expansion curve and needed some $$, so they pimped aligned with McD to make that happen. Now they’re back to being on their own. Gone public, I believe, and I’m pretty sure McD didn’t lose any money on the deal….

  2. Hey!
    I am thinking that we want one of those in Greeneville Tennessee. Would you tell them that please?
    And I will tell them too…color Dream on her way to their web site right now…=zoooom

    I love you!
    I’ve been saying that for years and no one believes me.
    They insist on something like, “blablabla asexual zygote blablabla nipples form before genitalia blablabla.”
    No way. It was a fit of whimsy on the part of Mother Nature, “geeze, this is a boring, flat expanse…. hmmm… (poink poink) that’s better!”

  4. You got an audible laugh, a stomach turn, and a raised eyebrow.
    Whoa – the Triple Crown! If only I’d gotten projectile coffee snorting…
    And Dickies are ALWAYS good for a laugh.
    You probably know men who wouldn’t really see it that way at all.

  5. Yeah, having Chipotle in San Diego county was one of the factors that sold me on taking the job out here. Having one 3 miles from work sealed it. After a while though, I noticed the sodium. It’s bad. Since then, I’ve discovered San Diego’s answer to Chipotle. It’s called Rubio’s. At first, I hated it. But now, I definitely prefer their burritos to Chipotle’s. They’ve got guac in them and they’re a bit healthier. Definitely worth checking out if you can find one, though I see by their website that they haven’t moved further east than Colorado at this point.

  6. Never been in a Rubio’s, but will check them out when I move back to CO. The First place I’m going, though, right after I eat at Benny’s for three or four straight meals, is Wahoo’s.

  7. You were at my wife’s and my pre-wedding party, right? Then you’ve eaten Rubio’s, albeit the catered version instead of the true restaurant version.
    And having eaten Wahoo’s fish tacos, I prefer Rubio’s, but that’s IMO.
    And while part of me wants to say “dude, it’s only a burrito,” the fact that my wife did the exact same thing that Angela did when the first Colorado Rubio’s opened down at Park Meadows makes me pause slightly. And if Chipotle is the best that W-S has, that speaks volumes for the general lack-of-quality of mexican food in W-S.
    You have my condolences.

  8. Give Baja Fresh a try, too – good burritos, and you can have them customize them some, like adding cheese to a burrito that doesn’t necessarily have it. Baja Fresh introduced me to chipotle salsa, and their’s is better than Rubio’s chipotle salsa.

  9. We did have barbeque, but then you moved away.
    Jennifer is seriously jonesing for your barbeque, my friend. Anywhere you recommend in the Denver area that might take the edge off at least?

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