Does anybody know what the word “revenge” actually means?

This story is killing me:

France 3-1 Italy: French gain revenge
PARIS, Sept 6 (Reuters) – Olympique Lyon winger Sidney Govou hit a double as France stunned arch-rivals Italy 3-1 in a showcase Euro 2008 qualifier in Paris on Wednesday.

It was sweet revenge for Les Bleus who bowed to the Italians on penalties in a controversial World Cup final two months ago. (Story.)

Right. Italy beats France in the World Cup final, in a game we’ll all remember for Zidane getting himself sent off in disgrace with the result in the balance. But France gets revenge by winning a first-round qualifier for Euro 2008.

Gods, I bet those French fans feel better now. And what sad consolation it must be for the poor Italians, who have nothing to console themselves with except the most coveted trophy in the world. Take that, you pathetic guidos! Hah. I spit in your general direction!

You see this all the time in sports reporting, and I’ve even seen a couple occasions where a team avenged a Super Bowl loss by winning a feckin’ pre-season game the following year. Drives me nuts. Yeah, I know, the bastard killed my family and ruined my career, but when he wasn’t looking I licked his bagel. Revenge is so sweet!!!


Now, you want to see what revenge looks like? This is what revenge looks like:

Any questions?



3 thoughts on “Does anybody know what the word “revenge” actually means?

  1. My favourite “revenge” joke: Van der Merwe gets pulled over by a speed cop. The cop drags him out the car and tells him to stand by the side of the car. Van is a bit over the limit so he’s giggling to himself.
    “What’s so funny?” asks the rocket scientist cop.
    “Nothing,” says Van carefully.
    “Right,” says the cop, drawing a circle on the tarmac with chalk. “You stand inside this circle, you get out of this circle I’m going to thump you.”
    Van complies.
    The cop circles Van’s car. Van starts laughing.
    “What’s so funny?”
    “Nothing,” says Van, in hysterics.
    The cop gets peaved so he slams his truncheon into Van’s windshield, trashing it. “You think that’s funny?”
    Van is absolutely beside himself with laughter.
    The cop sets about systematically destroying Van’s car, smashing every part of it. Van continues to his hysterical laughter.
    Once the car is totaled, the cop comes over to Van who is still standing inside the circle.
    “What’s soooo funny?”
    Van wipes a tear from his eye, “Oh, nothing, just every time you weren’t looking I stepped out of the circle.”

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