Lullaby Pit hacked?

I was just informed by my ISP that somebody managed to gain access to a password and that they then were able to send a gazillion spams from my sam @ account. I have no feckin’ clue how this happened, but will certainly be trying to find out in the coming days.

If you’re a victim of spam that seemed to be issuing from this domain, you have my sincerest apologies. We wouldn’t be faced with this kind of crap if our goddamned politicians would outlaw spam in all its forms and back it with meaningful criminal penalties.

BTW, let’s all go change our passwords, shall we?


10 thoughts on “Lullaby Pit hacked?

  1. Sounds like somebody put on a Trojan…….The same thing happened with my surfing website. I hate the damn Spambots that even get through my 3 layers of filters. I must delete at least 25-50 spam messages a day from that site.

  2. Pattern check-my provider forcibly changed all passwords on the 15th.
    On the 15th i recieved a message from ‘’, my provider that they had changed all passwords and were requiring ‘strong passwords’ at this point. the gave instructions for recovering the temporary password needed to get back in to reset my passwords on all accounts to something that meets thier news standards.
    that was pretty much a ‘bolt out of the blue’ so given the timing it makes sense to check if we’ve got some kind of a pattern going here..maybe someone found a new exploit or theres a massive attack of some kind newly underway.
    or its just a coincedence.. which does happen.

  3. I have that one account as my “public” account. It’s the one I always use when signing up for things. So it gets a zillion spams a day.
    It isn’t going to be pretty for spammers when I’m king of the world.

  4. Re: Pattern check-my provider forcibly changed all passwords on the 15th.
    I guess the issue is that I’ve been lazy about changing passwords. I’ve put convenience ahead of being smart. Obviously that has to change.

  5. Re: Pattern check-my provider forcibly changed all passwords on the 15th.
    yeah, but the timing is kind of funny. If no one else chimes in, thats just odd coincedence. but without info sharing we’d never know.

  6. And imagine trying to tell your parents. I mean, if they were expecting you to be a used car dealer who moonlighted as a prostitute, can you imagine their disappointment at learning you were going to be a spammer?
    One of my fantasies is to gain access to a spammer’s offices with a heavy-duty bulk eraser….

  7. Are you on a secure server? It may sound like an obvious thing, but we’ve dealt with this in our office on several occasions… you’d be surprised at how many hosting companies fail to inform its customers that all of their transactions aren’t secured. Good luck!

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