Famous drug addict accuses Fox of “acting” in stem cell ad

Limbaugh: Michael J. Fox Exploited Disease
Conservative Talk Show Host Says He’ll Apologize If Fox Wasn’t ‘Acting’ In Political Ad
WASHINGTON, Oct. 24, 2006

(CBS/AP) His body visibly wracked by tremors, actor Michael J. Fox appears in a political ad that was the subject of widespread discussion on Monday after conservative radio commentator Rush Limbaugh claimed Fox was “either off his medication or acting.”

A victim of Parkinson’s disease, Fox speaks out in the ad for Missouri Democratic Senate candidate Claire McCaskill, who supports embryonic stem cell research.

“I think this is exploitative in a way that’s unbecoming of either Claire McCaskill or Michael J. Fox,” Limbaugh said on his syndicated show. (Story.)

In all fairness, though, Limbaugh backpedaled a bit:

“All I’m saying is I’ve never seen him the way he appears in this commercial for Claire McCaskill,” says Limbaugh. “So I will bigly, hugely admit that I was wrong, and I will apologize to Michael J. Fox, if I am wrong in characterizing his behavior on this commercial as an act, especially since people are telling me they have seen him this way on other interviews and in other television appearances.”

And if anyone in show business is qualified to admit something “bigly” or “hugely,” it’s Rush.

Still, it seems like he’d be a little leery in the tempting-the-gods department, given his record. Who knows – maybe someday we’ll get to see him act in a Parkinson’s commercial…



6 thoughts on “Famous drug addict accuses Fox of “acting” in stem cell ad

  1. Damn that Michael J Fox for being a spokesman for something that concerns him so personally.
    I can’t remember which right wing pundit it was, they all bleed together, but one questioned his motives by saying “why should he care, even if stem cell research turned out to be the cure-all they tell us it would be, it won’t be for years”.
    ok. Yeah, let’s not concern ourselves with anything that doesn’t benefit us directly. Let’s not think of future generations.

  2. i caught about 5 minutes of this rant on the way to work this morning. the comment you’re talking about was really a small part of a much larger rant. rush’s real argument was about the ad itself. he was saying that the ad was supposed to be about proposition concerning cloning, but MJ Fox made it sound like it was really about stem cells. i don’t know enough about the ad or the proposition to have an opinion one way or the other, but i thought you’d like a little bit more context.

  3. Rush has it twisted, as usual. The Missouri proposition, which I’ll be voting on, is about stem cell research and is not about cloning. Opponents have tried to make it about cloning, and that’s what Rush is doing.

  4. Whoa that’s heavy Doc! This is what Rush does to fire up the people who actually believe what he says is true. Notice I say people who believe him, not people who listen. I personally believe he has more liberal listeners then right wingers (notice how I say right wing and not conservative because the current administration is nothing close to conservative) I enjoy a good laugh and listen to Rush when I get a chance, just like I watch Hannity. It’s just great entertainment and every once in a while you meet someone who believes these morons and it’s really funny. So I love Rush’s take, and I love the fact that even though he has no credibility, and no journalistic integrity the news has to report on him. I love the rebutial add too, way to spend 5 dollars GOP. I can’t wait for someone to use the video clip of Rush wiggling and do something clever and put it on Youtube. Maybe put him with that fat kid pretending to be a Jedi.

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