Massaging the truth?

There are at least two problems with this latest scandal from the Wide Right.

First, as anybody who ever drove up and down highway 85 near Lexington, NC in the late ’70s can attest, the word “massage” has multiple meanings.

Second, there is no such thing as a “lie detector,” and anytime I hear somebody use that term to refer to a polygraph it’s all I can do to avoid laughing out loud at them. There’s a reason the polygraph is not admissible in court – it doesn’t work. Not only do lots of studies demonstrate this (often in disturbing fashion), I am someone who has personally lied during a polygraph examination and had it “prove” conclusively that I was telling the truth.

I have no idea what happened between the Rev. Haggard and his “masseur,” and there’s nothing about any “lie detector” test that’s going to change this.



2 thoughts on “Massaging the truth?

  1. Now that you mention it I can’t recall recently noticing the mobile home that sat off to the right as you were northbound on I-85 before the 52 split to W-S offering massages or whatever they served. Pretty sure it was there into the 1990’s. Maybe the operation moved into the flea market that was built nearby.

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