Bunting’s legacy

A man walked into a bar with his dog. The man was dressed totally in Carolina blue and white, from head to toe. Blue hat, sweater, pants, shoes, even his socks were blue. The dog was also dressed in blue and white. Collar, jacket, hat and he had pom-poms.

The man said to the bartender, “My TV went out and it’s time for the UNC football game. I’ve never missed a Tarheel football game. Would you let me and my dog watch the game here?”

The bartender said, “You’re welcome to stay and watch the game, mister, but your dog can’t stay. It’s against the health regulations.”

“Oh, please. My dog loves the Tarheels, too. I promise he’ll behave.”

“OK,” the bartender said. “But the first time that dog acts up, you’re both gone.”

“Thank you! Thank you!” the man said and he and the dog took their seats to watch the kickoff.

In a few minutes, UNC made a first down. The dog went wild. He shook the pom-poms like crazy. He jumped up and down, then leaped up on the bar. He skipped down the bar, howling, “Bloooooo! Blooooo!” He danced back down the bar and skidded to a stop at his seat.

The bartender said, “Man, I’m amazed! That dog got so excited over a first down. What does he do when they score a touchdown?”

The man said, “I don’t know. I’ve only had him 4 years.”



2 thoughts on “Bunting’s legacy

  1. Re: From the “Look over your shoulder” dept:
    Hey, you can’t hurt a man with no expectations. And for the educated Wake fan, this is that year. If we win five league games I’ll be stunned.

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