Expectorations and hopefulizationalizing

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Okay, it’s been a tad quiet in here for a few days, and I wonder if maybe folks are trying to recover from post-election season fatigue just a bit. I know it was sort of draining for me (even though I wasn’t doing anything that looked remotely tiring), and I think I’ve been enjoying a sense of … what, relief, maybe?

Anyway, I was wondering what people’s expectations and hopes for the next two years are. If you’re more or less a “progressive” leaner, do you see Decision 2006 as the start of something big, the end of something evil, or merely an opportunity to derail the conservative Bush machine? Do you have any real hopes that the Dems can pull together some vision and strategy and use this as a springboard to drive productive change, or do you worry that they’ll be as clueless with power as they have been without it? Or am I being unfair in how I ask the question top to bottom?

If you’re somebody who sees yourself as more or less a right-of-the-aisle type, what do these election results mean to you? A promising agenda short-circuited? A much-needed corrective for some folks who’d lost touch with the mainline moderate majority? A fun opportunity to watch the Dems spending two years proving that people shouldn’t have elected them in the first place? A chance to regroup and focus on a new direction in 2008?

Hell, for that matter, to what extent do you think this election validated or invalidated our limited “left” v. “right” political labeling code?

I recently responded to an LJer (who I won’t name unless he/she would like to self-identify here) who’s doing a project on LJ communities, and I got to answer a number of interesting Qs about where the idea for 5e came from, how it developed, how I see the identity of the group, and so on. The one thing I found myself admitting that I’d like to change is that I’d really, really like to hear more voices here. A lot of you read but don’t post, and some comment but don’t initiate, etc. To each his/her own style, but the strength of the place is the innate smart level of its members. I’d just love to hear what kind of post-election wrap thoughts folks have, with an eye toward the future of this grand democracy.

Now I have to go watch football….


One thought on “Expectorations and hopefulizationalizing

  1. I still haven’t figured out how to crosspost. But i just put this in 5e.
    I don’t see a lot changing in the next two years. There will be a lot of bickering about cosmetics, but no real major changes. That won’t happen for another two years. And even then, it won’t necessarily be due to the party in power, but rather due to a “change.”
    This will be most apparent with the whole Iraq mess. Everyone has invested so much in “Bush is wrong” and “America is evil” that nothing will move forward much until the face of the nation changes. That doesn’t mean I think the Dems will have any fix for the problem. I don’t believe they do. But it’s going to be more more about saving face. No one will back down now because it will be considered a “weakness” until one of the players in this war is no longer there. Since “terrorism” is a network, not a person, that means it’s less likely to change. At least the USA has a “person” we can change.
    Of course, that’ll still be considered a “weakness” in some circles, but we don’t have a whole lot of control over that.

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