That is, the Bowl Championship Series Best Case Scenario. Since the powers that be are making sure that we don’t get a college football playoff (and I know not everybody wants one, but what I’ve seen indicates that a big majority of fans do), the next best thing is the annual How-Will-It-Fail-This-Year? watch. Sometimes you get a clean win for the system, but not often.

So after yesterday’s results, it looks like the fun scenario this year features:

  • Michigan getting the rematch invite (which you gotta love if you’re Ohio “Didn’t We Already Beat Them Once?” State)
  • The Notre Dame/Southern Cal and Florida/Arkansas winners finishing with one loss and getting zero cracks at the title while Michigan gets two – maybe we can call this the Tostito’s You Gotta Be Feckin’ Kidding Me Bowl
  • Then, the cherry on top of the sundae – Michigan wins the rematch. Wins it close – OT would be a wet dream here.

So the team that shouldn’t have been there in the first place wins the Mythical National Title while a team that blasted through the SEC with only one stumble, hypothetically, gets a shot at diddley.

Please, football gods, let this happen.



7 thoughts on “The BCS BCS

  1. Odds are that if the gators win out and/or USC beats notre dame, then the the very small (it’s only a couple votes in the polls. The difference will increase because if they get the big wins).
    I don’t know how I feel about the gators and USC though. Both teams have struggled with the decent/good teams this year (blowouts against UCF don’t count), Michigan has pretty much blown out every team on it’s schedule, including number 5 ND, and played number one Ohio State to a standstill.

  2. This is all true, but remember, the only thing I care about is the BS BCS failing. The goal is punish, by relentless abuse, those who prevent a playoff from happening. Finding the best team clearly isn’t important to them, so it should be an equally irrelevant concern for us.

  3. The above scenario is unlikely. While Michigan is still second (by a scant margin) over USC in the BCS rankings, USC still has two games to play, while Michigan’s regular season is finished. #4 ranked Florida still has two games in hand as well. And if Notre Dame ends up playing for the title, it will be a travesty by any stretch of the imagination.
    My guess is that it will be OSU vs. USC for the title. But I agree with your premise that the BCS system is deeply flawed.
    Full disclosure: I’ve lived in Michigan for 34 of my 45 years. The Wolverines are the closest thing to a professional sports team that we have in this state. That said, I don’t follow the team much. I just don’t care for football. But I usually make a point of watching the yearly UM – OSU matchup. My girlfriend is from OH, and my father and brother both live there (My dad also did Tressel’s taxes for years), so we have some friendly rivalries going. But, my life doesn’t change one iota as a result of the outcome of any sporting event. However, the UM – OSU game was a decent one, that’s for certain.

  4. The Wolverines are the closest thing to a professional sports team that we have in this state.
    I wish somebody would point this out to the people who keep insisting on giving the T-giving Day game to the Lions.

  5. No quarrel here. We’re sick of having our holiday ruined anyway. I’d rather have a new NFL franchise here, because then we’d have a reason to suck fro a few years – with the Lions, there’s simply no excuse anymore, other than the entire organization, from the top down, is completely pathetic.

  6. Aye, I’m painting with too broad of a brush. After decades of mediocrity (and worse), responsibility can only be rightfully laid at the door of the only constant during that time – the Ford family.

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