The results are (mostly) in

Thanks to everybody who responded (either here or via e-mail) to my query about the iconic symbol representing humanism. There were a number of interesting ideas, and some fairly creative thinking, as well.

I said in that post that I had an idea already about what I thought an answer might be, and the leading response from you guys sort of confirmed my suspicion – Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man:

Other ideas included:

  • Circle
  • Rodin’s Le Penseur
  • Some variation of the male and female symbols
  • The brain
  • A cross overlayed with the MogenDavid overlayed with a Crescent overlayed with the YinYang overlayed with the Pentagram all overlayed with the the Circle and Slash common to traffic signs (some people chose to get liquored up and have some fun with the assignment, apparently)

There will be more to come on this front. I’m asking this question for a reason, and my thinking will unfold over the coming weeks and months.

Stay tuned.


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